Pastor Patrick J. Diggs

Patrick J. Diggs is a native of Fort Worth born on January 10, 1972 and was educated in Fort Worth Public Schools. He is the founding Pastor of the New Fellowship Baptist Church of Fort Worth, a congregation whose mission is to live for Jesus, look for the lost and love others with the love of Christ. 

He announced his call into the gospel preaching ministry in the year 2000 and has been pastor of New Fellowship for four years whose active membership is 400 +. He is currently enrolled in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and also serves on the Pastoral Council for JPS Hospital.  He is a husband to his wife, Mary and father to Jordan, Britney, Raven, and James Diggs. 

Pastor Diggs received a vision in June 1, 2008 to launch a building project for the kingdom of God. With very little money and membership, God took the faith of a few followers and with that they were able to move into their newly built facility in November of 2011. He considers it an honor to be called to preach the gospel and lead the people of God and is personally committed to carrying that gospel across the globe.  He believes that strong churches are built by strong families.  As a result he works diligently not only to get more men involved in church, but to make sure their lives are guided by practical Christian principles.

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